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UG Admission norms

Admission Qualification

A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary (10+2) or its equivalent examination is eligible to seek admission to the First Semester of the Six Semester B.A. /B.Sc. (Honours & General) courses.

In any case, where there is an ambiguity regarding the admissibility of a particular examination at the Higher Secondary (10+2) level of study, the matter shall be referred to the Equivalence committee of the University who shall determine the eligibility of the said examination.

However, no candidate, in general, shall be allowed for admission in the course after a lapse of more than 3 years from the year of passing the previous qualifying examination. The year of admission shall not be taken into account while calculating 3 years from the year of passing the previous qualifying examination.

However, in exceptional cases a candidate may be allowed for admission after 3 years of the previous qualifying examination but within three years after discontinuation of recognized regular course of study. Those desirous to do so will seek permission from the University Authority. This exception is valid for both Honours & General courses of study.

For the purpose of determining eligibility for admission to the Honours course, aggregate marks shall be calculated by adding the marks of top four subjects in order of marks secured by a candidate. However, marks in compulsory Environmental Studies shall not be taken into account for calculating of aggregate marks. If the subject “Environmental Science” in studied as an elective subject of 100 marks, it may be taken into account for the purpose of determining the aggregate marks.

Eligibility criteria

A) A candidate taking up Honours course in a subject must have obtained:

  • A minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
  • OR

  • 55% marks in concerned subject or its related subject at the previous qualifying examination.

B) However, candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST) community taking up Honours course of study must have obtained a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate and 40% marks in the subjects or related subject.

C) Admission for the 1st Semester in Honours & General Courses in B.A. & B.Sc. will be conducted on the basis of merit only.
D) In case of General Courses in B.A. & B.Sc. the merit list will prepared on the basic of aggregate marks in general. (No Community wise facility will be provided in such caste.)

NB: If in any Honours subject, the number of applications are so low that even the permitted intake of the college cannot be filled up, then the Principal/TIC may use his/her discretionary power to reduce the minimum requirement for admission in that subject. A written note in that respect should reach the Registrar for consideration of that decision for a final approval by the University and the decision will be communicated to the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal for information.

Admission Procedure:

The entire admission procedure is strictly conducted through ON-LINE system as per Government Order. During the time of verification of application form all the original documents like Admit Card, Mark sheet, Certificates, SC/ST/OBC-A/OBC-B/PH Certificate are to be produced at the time of verification in the college and photocopies of this original testimonials along with self-photograph is to be affixed on the application form.

Some Special Conditions For the Admission:

To take up Honours in any selected subject in the college, the candidate has to passed in that subject or any related subject in the H.S. examination. The ‘Subject’ and ‘Related Subject’ are given below.

SL.NO. Honours Subject Related Subject
1. Geography Economics,Statistics,Mathematics,Biology
2. Education Psychology,Philosophy,Mathematics,Sociology Economics,Political Science, History
3. Philosophy Psychology
  • Every student who will be eligible to take up admission to the Honours/General Course has to be admitted taking any one of the Subject combination in conformity with the courses decided by the college.
  • After taking admission in General course if a candidate wants to take admission in Honours course by cancelation his previous admission, he has to pay the extra fee for the Honours course but in the opposite case (Transfer from Honours to General course) of admission no money will be refundable as balance.
  • During the form fill up rupees 150.00 will be charged as Application Form Fee through cashless transaanction.
  • Each candidate can apply for admission in a maximum of three courses (Two Honours course of One general course) on one application form.