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Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to West Bengal State University

About the Department

The Physical Education Department at Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya has been at the forefront of promoting fitness, well-being, and sportsmanship among students. Teaching of Physical Education as a pass subject for undergraduate students was introduced in 2018. The department is well-equipped practical laboratory, in this case, a gym, which is dedicated to the subject of Physical Education. This gym serves as a hub for students to gain hands-on training and experience in various aspects of physical fitness, exercise physiology, and sports training. The curriculum offered by the Physical Education Department is designed to strike a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Students who graduate with a background in physical education are well-equipped to lead healthy lives and make informed choices about their physical well-being. They are also prepared to contribute to society by promoting fitness and well-being in their communities.